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spill_thy_words's Journal

Current Prompt: sea ENDS 30/7/09
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freewriting blindly
Wordspill on DeviantArt, the originator of this community. If you have a DeviantArt account and wish to post your 'spill there as well, please note that account with your deviation.

A new prompt is added every fortnight and is taken from Wordspill on DeviantArt.

How to Wordspill (as quoted from the original article, with my own revisions for LJ):

Step 0) Make sure you have ten minutes free, you are in the right (write!) frame of mind, you are not on any instant messenger or chat programs, and you have non-distracting music playing. Basically make sure that you are in the best environment for you to let your ideas flow from your mind to your page.

Step 1) Open up Word, Google Docs, Notepad++, whatever your poison is for editing text. The only stipulation is that it must have the option to change the font colour. (So unless for some reason you are able to do this in LJ's entry-posting, don't do it there. HTML DOES NOT COUNT.)

Step 2) Change your font colour to whatever the background colour is (by default, this is usually white).

Step 3) Following the current fortnight's theme, write for ten uninterrupted minutes without changing the font colour back, highlighting the text to invert the colours so you can read it, or deleting anything. Basically, freewrite in invisible ink for ten minutes.

Step 4) Sit back and breathe a sigh. Maybe make a coffee, grab a biscuit. You have just completed a wordspill.

Anything from here on in is optional. The point of making a wordspill isn't to produce quality pieces of literature, but rather to convince you that it's possible to sketch out an idea, much like a traditional artist might, without fully committing the words to the story as they first appear. Now, what do you do with something once you've spilled it (if you're not a slob, that is)? You scrub it up! Here's how to take the next step with your wordspill.

Scrub it!

Step 5) Change the font back, and read through what you've put down. You might have surprised yourself with the volume, or maybe with how some of the sentences you thought weren't quite right actually ended up being pretty good. Gloat slightly if this is the case.

Step 6) Copy the wordspill and paste a duplicate underneath it. Now spend thirty minutes polishing up this duplicate. Repair those fragmented sentences, correct spelling errors, throw in a new paragraph every now and again if it's a wall of text. Extend your ideas if you want to, push that character just a little bit further. Essentially you want to let your self-editor back into your life to work its fussy magic.

Step 7) Once you've scrubbed up your piece, chuck both the wordspill and, if you've done it, the resulting scrubup into a deviation and upload it. Note ~Wordspill with your piece and we'll add it to our list to be featured in a news article every fortnight. into a post to be approved. You are expected to use at least one LJ cut.

Remember the scrubup segment (steps 5 & 6) is optional, so if you don't want to or don't have the time or the motivation to spend polishing your piece, don't feel pressured. You can still send in just your wordspill to be featured.

So, to simplify the posting rules on this community:
1)Post your wordspill. Scxrubup is optional but preferred.
2)At least 1 LJ cut must be used. (2 is preferred, for your wordspill and scrubup.)
3)If you have a DA account, include a link to your wordspill deviation.

Any queries? Send me a PM on LJ, note me on DA or email me.

Email: brokenyin@hotmail.com

Lysythe on DeviantArt

Lastly: if you feel the need to pretty up this dull-looking comm, PM me, or note me on DA with your LJ name. We'll talk =)